Joel Goralski Art
Discovering the Artist within

Joel Goralski Art - Discovering the Artist within

A note from Joel...

My life has many facets. Some may know me in my roll as owner of Niklas Group, a Calgary based company that was started by my wife (Jillian) and I several years ago. We specialize in cutting edge real estate developments in Calgary's every growing and vibrant inner-city.  I am also known recently for my direct involvement with Team Niklas, a Road Cycling and Triathlon Team of which I am the founding member and competitive athlete. Some other friends know me as a foodie, wine lover and closet chef. The icing on the cake is that I am the proud father of two beautiful children (Niklas-Jack and Adelaide).

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. My business and life is driven by the need to create and push to new limits. I am not shy to say that I get immense joy and satisfaction out of being creative. In the spring on 2009 I took a very basic acrylic painting class. I found it helpful, but within a few classes I became tired of the “still life” projects and had all sorts of ideas running through my head and I would push forward and create. That was that. I have been painting almost daily since that time.

I have no formal education and my knowledge is limited. I can say, however, that my mind has opened up and I have a new appreciation for art and for artists. I am under no illusion as to my ability, and one must call a spade a spade, but I still believe in my heart that I am a true artist regardless of missing the ingredient of innate perfection . I readily admit that there are many talented artists out there, so many of whom will be beyond my reach of perceived greatness. But that is OK. I am comfortable with what I do and what I have to offer and hopefully there are those who will take interest in the art that I create. Perhaps it will also inspire others to create as well and overcome fears that hold them back from taking that plunge.

In a nutshell, I enjoy creating. I love the journey and laugh when I go into that zone where all of a sudden it is 2:00 in the morning, and I was essentially in a trance. I can also say that I paint without rules and without instruction. That is probably the most fun part of the voyage. I embrace the fact that my children (who are both very creative and artistic) now have taken a keen interest in art. It has created a whole new relationship and interactive dynamic where we do projects together. This gives us opportunity in which to build upon our time spent harmoniously as a family, and one could ask for no more. Beyond that, I truly love the constant experimentation, which sometimes leads to success and most other times leads to failure. Nonetheless, it makes me stronger as a person and allows me to express myself in ways that can only be show on canvas, paper, board, a wall or any other type of medium I use.

I could go on and on about why I love to paint and why I love art. it is an important part of society and I wish I would have discovered this passion earlier. I am now only only getting it. So I will not get into the preaching and trying to convert all of you to artists or lovers of art... I will stop here. I hope you enjoy my work.